Duke of Edinburgh's Award

High School students taking a Mérite Jeunesse trip

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, known locally as Mérite Jeunesse, was launched at ISL in 2007. The award works hand in hand with IB schools providing an infrastructure for developing the major components of service, skills and sport already in place through the IB CAS programme.

The award is open to students aged 14 and over (Grades 9-12) and is designed to help bring the best out of young people in a non-competitive environment. The skills students develop and the values they acquire are valued by universities and employers and will continue to reward them long into their working lives.

One of the highlights of the award is the adventurous journey, a rewarding experience that teaches navigational skills, resourcefulness, and teamwork in the context of hiking and camping expeditions where students gain an awareness of wilderness environments and how to survive in them.