One Hour of Your Time Is 40 Weeks Help for Our Students
Posted 30/05/2014 11:45

If every parent at ISL donated just one hour a year to assisting with PTO and school events that would total forty full-time weeks of help and volunteer power to benefit our students!

It is clear that parent volunteers make a huge difference in the life of a school. Without the hours of parental assistance that go into our school plays, concerts, and other events, our students would be deprived of so much. Often, it is the parents behind the scenes that enable so much opportunity to occur beyond the classroom.

Unfortunately, it is often hard to widen the circle of parent volunteers. In a busy world, where more often than not both parents are in the workforce, it can be a difficult sacrifice to give precious hours to school volunteering. The ISL Parent Teacher Organization has the challenging task of rallying around the cause and encouraging parents who have not previously given of their time, to take that leap and donate at least an hour.

Those parents that currently volunteer are not only motivated by the desire to help ISL facilitate extra-curricular activities, they get great personal satisfaction as well. Volunteering sets an example for their children, it widens their circle of contacts in Luxembourg, it better acquaints them with the school's staff and academic program, and they are uplifted by the notion that they are helping to create a more fulfilling environment for their children.

The ISL PTO is making a small appeal. All they ask is for one hour a year (at least) of volunteer time from every ISL parent. Please click this link to make your pledge.

You will gain personally from the experience, and our students will benefit tremendously from your time.

We asked some of our leading parent volunteers (who chose to remain anonymous) why they do what they do. Here is what they said:

What are some of the benefits that a parent themselves can get out of the volunteering experience besides the service to the school?

  • For me the primary benefit is staying involved in my kids’ lives.
  • As parents we have a short period of time with our kids, in the grand scheme of things, before they move on from us.
  • Volunteering at school allows me to stay more in tune with them and the school.
  • I am able to get to know my children's teachers/administration along with their friends in a way I would normally not.
  • It also allows me to meet other parents that share similar viewpoints and hobbies.
  • And of course, at the end of the day, it is fun!

Do you think parents hear about / realise that there are lots of opportunities to volunteer?

  • I'm not certain many parents are aware of the many ways to volunteer.
  • I certainly didn't when I first arrived to ISL. Over time, I slowly found more and more opportunities to also do this at ISL.
  • Coming from the U.S., our former school was built on volunteerism and it is something deeply embedded in our culture.
  • Other friends came from a different cultural background, so being able to volunteer is a new and exciting opportunity for them.
  • I'm not sure, for instance, that people are aware of how much parent involvement goes into the school plays/performances.
  • It's both a fun and creative way to be active at school, and the kids love to have us involved.

If a parent is interested in volunteering, who would you advise them to contact to learn more?

  • Contact the PTO, or go through the music/drama teachers, directly.
  • You can find a wide variety of ways to volunteer, from simply giving of time or something more on the creative end.
  • The PTO is looking to add more community events to the calendar next year, so there will be plenty of areas to volunteer!

What would you like people to know about the PTO and have you made some good acquaintances while participating?

  • Working together with other parents has given me access to people I might have otherwise never have met.
  • I have made great friends that will remain lifelong friends by being a part of the ISL community.
  • Interacting with other parents is really uplifting - all working together to make a more fulfilling environment for our children
  • Also, letting our children see that each person can make a difference to the environment around them if they are willing to put themselves out there is a great lesson.

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