School Fees School Year 2017-18

School Fees - School Year 2018-2019

Entry Fees to ISL

One time fees – non-refundable – per child
All entry fees (other than EAL) will be allocated to the ISL School Growth Fund.

Application fee – required for all applicants € 300
Registration & Capital fee – paid within 2 weeks of placement offer in order to confirm applicant's registration € 3,000  

English as Additional Language (EAL) entry fee if applicable
Lower School - from Grade 2
Upper School – from grade 6
Effective for applications prior to April 1st 2018             € 500

€ 1000
€ 2000 


Annual School Fees
The 3 separate items below are accumulative annual fees = a+b+c
 (a) School Growth Fund Fee            
annually per child / non refundable € 250

 (b) Stability Reserve

annually per child / non refundable € 1,250

 (c) Tuition fees

Preschool (full day*, 3 year olds)* € 13,350
K-1 and K-2 (full day kindergarten) € 15,340
Grades 1 to 5 € 15,340
Grades 6 to 8 € 16,960
Grades 9 to 12 € 17,140


The School Growth Fund is currently allocated to the Building repayments.
The Stability reserve is to protect the sustainability of the school and to help alleviate future fee increases due to fluctuations in the government’s subsidy, enrolment and extraordinary economic circumstances.
The Tuition fees are to fund the annual operational budget of the school

Please note that these fees benefit from and include the Luxembourg State Subsidy for private schools and require approval from the Ministry of Education.

(*) If a child is registered for fewer than 4 afternoons a week in the Pre-school programme, the tuition will be reduced by € 1,200 per afternoon.

A non-refundable deposit will be required each following year to secure a place. This deposit is credited as pre-payment of the annual school fees.
€ 1,250

Tuition Fees Include

PS - Grade 1: Healthy Morning Snack
PS - Grade 5:
Books, class supplies, registration in school organised extra-curricular activities held at school
Grade 6 - 12:
Textbooks, registration in school organised extra-curricular activities held at school
All external examinations entries decided by the school (IB Diploma, IGCSE, ACER Testing, Futurewise)

Additional schooling costs

Calculator and Laptop as required (bring-your-own-device is implemented in Upper School)
Individual tutoring and instrument rental
PE uniform and kit
School lunches, cafeteria purchases and snacks for Grade 2-5.
Insurance for personal property and insurance is appropriate.
Books loaned will be charged if not returned or returned in bad condition.
Compulsory trips take place from Grade 4 to Grade 12 and have ranged in the past years from EUR 200 to EUR 800, depending on location and activity. Some extra-curricular activities involve events which incur extra costs. To see other voluntary activities taking place at school that may incur additional charges, click here.
Special additional educational support may be invoiced based on the individual’s situation and/or case.

Early withdrawal or registration cancellation

Formal written notification of withdrawal, signed by the parents/guardians, addressed to the Business Office, must be received by registered mail, at least two months in advance of the actual date of departure or non-arrival.
Any month started is considered fully enrolled and attended. Any outstanding balance at the time of departure will result in the school records being withheld.
For a sample notification letter, please click here.

Registered and newly joining students will forfeit the following percentage of Tuition Fees based on the notification and the departure date

Entry fees, deposits, stability reserve and school growth fees will be considered fully owed and non-refundable.

i.e. For all students registered, new or returning, not coming for the first day of School, the last notification date to avoid fee forfeits is 30th June each year. 

In the event that the school is constrained, due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, to close its premises, tuition fees and other fees shall not be reimbursed

Payment Details

Payments should be made by bank transfer to:

Beneficiary Name: International School Of Luxembourg
Bank’s Name: Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat
Account n°:  LU18 0019 2855 1836 6000  
Bank’s Address : 1, Place de Metz, L-2954 Luxembourg

A minimum of 67% of the fees are to be paid no later than June 30 and the remainder by February 1.
Fees are considered fully owed by June 30 should no withdrawal notification be received.
The school reserves the right to delay entry, withhold school records or charge interest on past-due accounts or launch a collection process for any overdue outstanding balance.

Tuition fees are invoiced annually in May for the following school year and payable within 30 days of invoice. For students joining during the course of the school year, invoices are issued before the enrolment date and payable prior to the student’s start date.

Should invoicing be required in a company name, please click here for a Company billing form.

The enrolment of a student is an individual contract between the parents and the school regardless of any arrangement parents may have with their employer concerning the payment of the school fees for their child(ren).

Late Entries

If a pupil is registered to start during the academic year, a 10% tuition reduction from the full annual tuition will be granted for each full calendar month the student is not registered

Percentage of Annual Tuition Fees payable upon registration during academic year :





















For any school fee related question, please contact Mrs. Ruth Smiley, Head of Business & Finance,

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