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Our salary scale is competitive with similar international schools and includes fixed automatic step increases, as well as government mandated regular cost of living increases.

All staff benefits packages include subsidised lunch, the possibility to join a supplementary pension plan, and access to professional development opportunities.

Faculty staff are granted tuition reduction (up to a 100% reduction if employed full time) for up to two dependent children.

Overseas-hired staff benefits packages include relocation and transportation allowances, paid flights to Luxembourg, along with professional help and individualised assistance upon arrival.

Some of the above listed benefits are considered to be taxable under Luxembourg employment laws.


Salary and benefits

The school's salary scales and the regulations concerning staff placement within the salary scales are set within the Collective Bargaining Agreement (a document negotiated every 2-3 years by the Employee Delegates and the ISL Board of Governors) and are automatically adjusted for movement of the official cost-of-living index consistent with the applicable laws in Luxembourg.

Upon completion of each year of successful service, a staff member shall be moved up one step on the salary schedule, until he or she has reached the top of the schedule. The steps on the salary schedule refer to years of full-time teaching or other professional experience.

Please refer to the correspondent section in the Collective Bargaining Agreement to see the Salary Schedule.

Additional Remuneration

Supplementary pension scheme

The school offers a defined contribution supplementary pension plan through the company, Swiss Life. The school contributes 5% gross for each staff member. Employee contributions are optional, though limited in amount (up to €100 per month) due to Luxembourg insurance regulations. All staff members who have completed 12 months of service at the school are eligible to be enrolled in the school’s supplementary pension plan.

Lunch Vouchers

Members of the faculty, the nurse, teaching assistants and administrative staff who work at least 50% of a full-time position shall be entitled to receive lunch vouchers (“cheque repas”). The school will contribute a fixed amount per month over ten months to the lunch voucher plan (not subject to income tax or to social security and pension fund charges) and the employee will contribute a lesser amount per month over 12 months, which will be deducted from the net monthly salary. In return, the employee will receive 18 vouchers per month valued at €8.40 each for a total monthly value of €151.20.


Should you choose to take on additional duties such as department head, athletic coaches, club advisors, etc., you can expect to be paid a stipend for this activity.

Social Benefits

Luxembourg provides generous allowances to resident families with dependent children and not only those living at home but also those living abroad with another parent or those who are still in full-time undergraduate programmes (provided you have registered them in person at your town or city). These allowances are paid directly to the family after the appropriate application form and supporting documents have been submitted to the Ministry of the Family.

It can be well-worth the effort to complete the applications for these social benefits. The HR Office will help you to complete all these applications and submit the necessary paperwork in order for you to benefit from these allowances.

For further information about these different family benefits, you can visit the website for the Caisse pour l’Avenir des Enfants .

Professional Development

The school maintains a strong commitment to professional development. All staff members are encouraged to apply and attend the most appropriate courses, conventions, workshops, etc. related to their position, organised both internally and world-wide.

There is a Professional Development Committee with members representing Upper and Lower School faculty as well as support staff to review and approve the disbursement of the Professional Development funding. The yearly funding is 1.8% of the payroll costs and is guaranteed within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Two school days are completely dedicated each school year to internal professional development. These two days the staff has the opportunity to participate in a wide range of different activities and workshops.

We also support integration into the local community through funding and organising of language courses for staff members, either traditional classroom-based, one-on-one or through on-line learning platform.

Health and Wellness

ISL is committed to providing a healthy and safe school environment for staff as well as for students. The emphasis is on prevention, early intervention and remedy of health problems. ISL allows and encourages staff to use the services provided by the school nurses, personal counsellors and various other health specialists who are on staff.

ISL also promotes healthy nutritional choices through the food presented in the cafeteria, offered at school events, or sold in the various vending machines.

ISL endeavours to provide staff with opportunities which promote an awareness of healthy lifestyles. To this end the school highly supports the organisation of sports or other health-related activities on campus such as: fitness classes, staff sports groups, use of the campus swimming pool and fitness facilities, tai chi or yoga classes, and use of the school’s fitness room. As well as other initiatives ranging from sharing personal wellness ideas to bringing in external health professionals.

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