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In order for ISL to continue to develop as a leading international school within Europe, we require funding sources other than tuition. The Friends of ISL is an annual request to the ISL community to make gifts in support of programmes which help advance the school’s mission. By becoming a Friend of ISL, you are helping provide the best possible learning environment and experience for all students.

Why does ISL need donations?

ISL is a non-profit organisation governed by a Board of Governors. Tuition fees and the generous support of the Luxembourg Government cover the core operating and maintenance costs of the school, but are insufficient to cover all desired improvements and enhancements, which will depend on additional support. Donations will allow the school to expand its outstanding educational environment and opportunities, while continuously operating with a balanced budget.

What about corporate support?

While many of our families pay their own fees, companies also often pay fees for their employees, as well as support various projects within the school. We are grateful for this support and hope it will continue and expand in the future.

What about tuition?

Attracting and retaining the best teachers, providing excellent academic and extracurricular programmes, and equipping and maintaining infrastructure is expensive. Tuition income covers the school’s major operating expenses – employees’ salaries and associated costs – approximately 80% of fee income. Donations allow us to continuously invest in, strengthen, and sustain the extraordinary opportunities that define an ISL education. Each year, Senior Leadership and the Development Committee will agree on priorities for allocating raised funds.

Why Now?

In recent years, most international schools have successfully implemented some form of annual donation programme to support or advance opportunities beyond what would be available pursuant to funding by tuition. With the continued expansion of ISL and the fifty-year anniversary of the founding of the school, now is the right time to implement such a programme at ISL.

How much should I give?

Anyone can become a Friend of ISL. Donations can range from small to very large amounts – no gift is too small and every gift is important. A high participation rate demonstrates community support and belief in our mission and is encouraging to everyone both inside and outside the ISL community. All gifts go toward strengthening ISL’s programmes and providing faculty and staff with the tools necessary to ensure that students learn at the highest level possible.

How will my gift be recognised?

Donors will be listed alphabetically in the Friends of ISL Annual Report available on the ISL website. Additional recognition for larger donations will be given via association with the specific programmes or activities which are being sponsored. You may, of course, request anonymity, which will be respected. Please refer to 'Make a Donation' for further information.

Are donations tax deductible ?

Yes. ISL is allowed to receive tax deductible gifts on the part of donors within the limits stipulated in articles 109 and 112 of the Income Tax Act. These gifts are deductible as special expenses, paid in currency or in kind. In order to be deductible as special expenses, the annual total of the donations must be equal to, or greater than, €120 and may not exceed 20% of total net income, or €1,000,000.

Do I have any influence on how my donation will be used?

Most donations are unrestricted gifts to be used for the priority projects and programmes as determined by the Senior Leadership and the Development Committee. These priority programmes and projects and the specific use of funds raised will be periodically updated and reported in the Annual Report. Certain contributions may be designated as support for specific ISL programmes and projects which help fulfil the school's mission. The Development Office is eager to work with donors who are interested in supporting particular projects. For further information please refer to 'Make a Donation'.

How can I make my donation?

Please see additional information and use the form provided at 'Make a Donation'. For further questions, please contact: Margot Parra, Development Manager
+352 2604 4116

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