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At the International School of Luxembourg, through learning and growing up together in our inclusive society, our students develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, different nationalities, cultures and faiths. Our curriculum is taught in English. Internationalism permeates every subject at ISL and underpins all discussions, actions and views enabling our school community to interact with and learn from our host country. In a spirit of empathy and tolerance, our students continually evolve their individual and cultural identities while openly embracing membership of a community that is socially, culturally and linguistically diverse. Using the world as our broadest context for learning, our students engage in various ethical and environmental issues which help them to become knowledgeable globally-aware citizens unafraid of future challenges. Students are willing not only to communicate but also to participate in a compassionate way towards making our world a more respectful, peaceful and equitable place for all people.

There are many characteristics that lead to the definition of an international school. Most agree that the best international schools base this definition on several key factors:

  • the multi-national and multi-lingual nature of the school's staff and students
  • the international transportability of the school's educational outcomes
  • the global consciousness of the school's curriculum
  • the transcendence of national borders with regards to academic programmes and accreditation

For new students and parents transferring to ISL from state-run, or even independent mother-tongue school programmes, an exciting world awaits. One can expect a life-changing educational experience, a growing pool of friends and acquantances from around the world, and a feeling of empathy with life-long learners throughout the globe. What better way to prepare for higher education and future careers in an increasingly interconnected world than to attend a truly "international" school - a school that sets the bar beyond borders for each and every student.

IBO World Schools subscribe to the ideals expressed in the IB Learner Profile. As the IBO website states, "The learner profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose." The short video below, taken from the IBO website, brings these ideas to life.

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