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A team of professionals dedicated to teaching, committed to students.

Our faculty and staff come from more than two dozen different countries. Their international background and experience contribute to a learning environment that responds to the students' cultural diversity and meets the needs of an international student population.

ISL educators are trained and certified in their respective fields and more than half of them hold Masters' degrees. Our faculty and staff average 18 years of experience in education with eight of them at ISL. Some teachers come to Luxembourg for just a few years and then move on to new positions elsewhere. Others remain at ISL for much of their career: 12% of the teaching staff has served the school for 20 years or more. In recent years ISL has created a number of new positions in response to increasing enrolment, however staff turnover is actually rather low.

As an organisation with a strong commitment to lifelong learning, ISL recognises the importance of professional development. The school encourages faculty and staff to extend their professional expertise and personal growth by providing opportunities and support for continuing education. Professional development activities include initiatives such as on-site training, workshops and conferences, local and distance-learning courses, and visits to other schools of excellence.

Faculty Spotlight

Tess Charnaud

Tess has been at ISL for two years and has lived in Luxembourg for five. She teaches Biology and Chemistry at IB level and Science for the IGCSE. She has a BSC honours in Biological Sciences with Biochemistry and a PGCE. She is preparing to study for her Masters in Education.
"I have been passionate about education since being a child. I tried to teach my sister and brother many things, from an early age, much to their annoyance. I love working with young people, seeing the Eureka moment when they grasp something that they previously thought was inaccessible to them.

I knew some of the pupils from ISL through tutoring and had always wanted my own children to have an international education. I was part of a pioneer group starting to introduce the IB into my previous school and so it seemed logical that I would look for a school that taught the IB.

What keeps me at ISL is my life. I have, since arriving, built a house and had 2 children, this is where they call home and so I have made it my home as well. I already feel like part of the furniture at school and hope to remain here for many years to come.

Luxembourg is definitely my home now and my family and I love to spend time outdoors throughout the year. I love theatre and music although my pupils are trying hard to educate me in improving my tastes. I am a foodie and I LOVE to try new restaurants. I enjoy sport and have played many, such as hockey, netball, badminton and skiing, but I am most passionate about riding and I love to ride my old rescue horse through the forests when I can.

I love working at ISL and feel that I am well supported by my peers and the administration. ISL is a school that endeavours to develop the potential of its staff as well as its pupils."

Mike West

Mike has been at ISL since 1995. He was also on faculty from January 1986 to August 1987. Mike currently teaches Theatre although in the past he has been a Grade 6 and a Grade 5 teacher and taught Grade 7 English and Social Studies. Mike holds a joint honours degree in English Language and Literature, and Philosophy and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

"The flippant answer to why I became a teacher is that I wanted to prolong the student life for a year, but I also remember talking about being a teacher while I was at school. While I was not teaching I worked in a bank and a financial services company. They were not for me. I have to be trying to help people in order to find contentment in my job. Teaching for me is about helping young people with real and important life skills. Companies come and go, technology changes, occupations and specialisations die out. What do people do that transcends those things?

In 1985 my initial commitment was to Luxembourg for romantic reasons and it was the only place open to me to be a teacher! After nearly thirty years I have grown to love Luxembourg and its people. It and they have been very good to me. Luxembourg is beautiful. My daughter was born and raised here and I have loved the opportunity to learn about the cultures of our neighbouring countries. Also, I am not actually so far from home in the UK. My family live in the South and I can drive there in a few hours. I suppose I emigrated, but it doesn't feel like it really.

Luxembourg exists on a village basis. Local communities have very strong identities. Make the first step to breach the local shyness, make an effort to speak a few words of the language and join in and you will most likely be welcomed and warmly received."

Laurel Mintz

Laurel is now in her 5th year at ISL. She teaches Lower School music, and works with the Lower School bands and with choirs in both Lower School and Upper School. She has degrees in music, education and a diploma in piano performance.

"Although I’ve always enjoyed spending time with children, I didn’t set out to work in education. But after several years of giving private music lessons when my boys were little, I realized I really wanted to be a teacher in a school setting. That was more than 20 years ago, and I still love teaching!

I attended the Queen's University Overseas Teaching Fair where I met ISL Director Chris Bowman. Everything I heard from him and read on the website gave me a good feeling about working here.

I really enjoy my job. I like being part of the music team. I work with good friends throughout the school, and I learn so much from the students who come from different parts of the world. We have great resources, opportunities for professional development AND a brand new school to come to every day!

Aside from ISL being a huge reason for me staying here, I love all the chances to travel and have been to places that I would never have experienced had I stayed in Canada. As well, I’ve played for Pirates productions, Voices International concerts and am active in the Conservatoire. Making music with these different groups allows me to make new friends outside of work, and to feel a sense of belonging in Luxembourg."

Michaelynn Chatterley J├Ąger

Michaelynn is in her 6th year with ISL. She taught third grade for four years and this is her second year teaching fourth grade at ISL. She holds a Masters of Arts in Education. Prior to ISL she taught Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies Spanish Immersion in her home town of Portland, Oregon, USA. She also taught Middle School English and Social Studies and one year of Middle School Math and Science in Mexico.

"Both of my parents are teachers. As a child, I used to make my brothers be my students and we would "play school" at home. Later, when I got into high school, several of my teachers encouraged me to "do more with my life" and suggested I study medicine. Although I don't do well with blood, I thought that if my teachers were telling me not to be a teacher, perhaps I should listen. On the first day of university, however, in an open house for the College of Biology and Agriculture, I fainted when they started dissecting a cadaver. I'm sure the whole event was to weed people like me out of the program. I changed my major to Education that day and have never regretted the decision.

I had been teaching at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico for a year when Carlos and Emily Agraz came to teach there. They had previously been at ISL and spoke very highly of the school. After another two years in Mexico, I was looking for a new adventure. Carlos and Emily had already secured positions and were returning to ISL and they encouraged me to look for a position here, as well. I met Chris Bowman at the University of Northern Iowa job fair and was happy to accept a position with the school.

I'm married to a German, but even before I met my husband, I knew I would stay for a while. I enjoy the international atmosphere of the school and of Luxembourg in general. We have wonderful students and I have fantastic colleagues. I love the opportunities to challenge myself with language here in Luxembourg (I studied French for the first two years and have been studying German recently).

I like the location - it's easy to travel and explore other areas of Europe with Luxembourg as a "home base." Luxembourg itself is quiet at times but that makes it feel like a safe place to live. Sometimes I miss the sun from my days in Mexico - and I wish we had an educational supply store like Learning Palace or Education Station like I had in Portland, Oregon, but overall, I am very happy in Luxembourg and at ISL."

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