Students Share Their Feelings About ISL...

(Class of '12)

"I would say it’s a community of teachers and students
that have the same goal of wanting to learn. That’s basically it. We all really love to learn."

Marlena (Grade 9)

"I think the students at ISL are really kind."

(Class of '12)

"My view of what I could do and what I could achieve has been extended to a wider range of things. ISL has extended so many views of my future that I never could have imagined before."

Lea (Grade 12)

"ISL has definitely challenged and inspired me. It has challenged me academically as well as personally. I always challenge myself to achieve good grades. But coming to ISL has made me think that I’m getting this amazing education, I might as well make the best of it."

Jack (Grade 9)

"I think ISL does a great job recruiting teachers and keeping teachers that are great for the school."

Wilma (Grade 10)

"It's one of the best experiences I've had in my life."

Bram (Grade 12)

"The most major thing I could take away from ISL is to be open to everything and to be open to new experiences, because new experiences will lead to new ideas, and new ideas will lead to new ways of doing things."

(Class of '12)

"It’s a very rewarding experience to be here because people take you seriously and think that you can be someone and be something and they will contribute to making you grow up as the person you want to be."

Davide (Grade 10)

"I think that what makes ISL different from other schools is the teacher/student and coach/student relationship. It’s not the teacher who tells you what to do. You work with the teacher to achieve what you want to do."

Capucine (Grade 9)

"You learn without really realizing you’re learning. It’s kind of weird!"

Amy (Grade 10)

"I have friends from all over the world, and it’s amazing how all the languages and cultures mix and you become one big community."

Brett (Grade 11)

"When we are all done here and when we graduate, we will have that confidence in ourselves that we have gone through enough that we will be able to succeed in the future. No matter what task it is, from maybe getting a job to raising a family, I feel like we’ll have the confidence to do whatever we need."

Tommaso (Grade 12)

"From the first day it was clear that we were going to be helped a lot with the university applications. We have an office at ISL that takes care of both UK and EU applications as well as the US."

Chiara (Grade 9)

"Actually, it’s like a big family, because everyone helps each other out and the teachers are really awesome. Simply, it’s a big community."

Karl (Grade 12)

"I’ve got friends from all over America, from Sweden, from Luxembourg and Japan, from South America, from so many different continents and countries. You learn so much from everyone."

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