Theatre Classes in Lower School

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Theatre Classes in Lower School

ISL is one of only a few international schools to offer Theatre as a specialised course in our Lower School for grades 1-5. Using the Primary Years Programme Drama Curriculum, students create theatre and drama together and learn to be critically aware audience members of performances.

Our grade 1 students have been developing original characters and roles connected to a future unit of inquiry on sharing the planet, Under the Sea. Deciding on a sea creature to depict, they examine how body movements impact a performance, and use the large theatre mirrors to refine their acting choices. Next, the classes will be integrating real world problems of ecosystems, and creating and responding via drama choices.

Our upper elementary students are currently exploring tactics and objectives in their acting, and will integrate these into their original writing of a scene for their dream role they would like to play. Can you use various tactics to get someone to smile or laugh? Can you use various tactics to resist smiling or laughing at peers?

Theatre Class Grade 1