Grade 10 Student Success as Racing Driver

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Grade 10 Student Success as Racing Driver

Congratulations to Chester Kiefer, Grade 10 student, for his great success as a racing driver. For 2023, Chester plans to continue Kart Racing at the Benelux and European Championships and possibly again at the World Championship at the end of the year. Please read his story in his own words here:

My name is Chester, I am 16 years old and since my childhood I have been interested in Racing and Cars. I am currently racing for a Belgian Karting Team in the X30 Senior Category. 
In the fall of 2021 I was able to for the first time test a real Racing Kart meaning a Kart wih an engine of 30 horsepower and only weight of around 90kg. I absolutely loved the experience and so in 2022 I made my racing Career Debut. I started in a Luxembourgish Team, but for the 2022 Season I had switched to a Belgian Team. The year of 2022 was a learning year for me, since everything was new to me and I had a lot to learn. In that year I competed in a Dutch Championship called the GK4 Kartseries as well as the Benelux Championship. In both championships I had some good results and some less good results which was normal since each race had a different level of competition with more or less drivers participating. In August I had the opportunity to compete in a race of the European Championship which is another Level above the Benelux Championship since here you have the best drivers across the entire continent of Europe coming to compete. This race I used to really try and learn a lot of things from the best drivers to improve my driving aswell. The race went very well for a first participation at a European Championship level. 

Chester Racing Driver 2

However the big event came a little later on in the year because I was given a wildcard to go to the World Championship, which took place in October at Le Mans. This race is where the best of the best came to compete to become World Champion. This of course was a very big event meaning I had to bring my A game because this was where it all goes down. But of course this was also another race where I just was there to learn as much as I could to further improve my driving. In the end I finished 91th out of 160 drivers in my category. I was proud of myself for doing that well even though we had lots of bad luck and different technical problems. 
Now moving on to 2023 I was able to test for the first time a real racing car and more specific a 992 Porsche GT3 Cup car. This testing was taking place in Portimao, Portugal and organised by the team of a Luxembourgish Porsche Carrera Cup driver named Carlos Rivas. He was my coach for that week teaching me all the things I needed to know. The tests went very well and by the end of the days of testing I was only 8 tenths of a second away from Carlos Rivas. 
So the plans for 2023 will be to continue Kart racing at the Benelux and European Championships and possibly again the World Championship at the end of the year. What I will also do this year is start to do more testing with the 992 Porsche GT3 Cup, because my Ultimate Goal for the future is to become a Porsche Factory Driver. To be able to stand a chance to reach this very ambitious goal, the plan is to prepare myself for another two years, trying to combine successfully school and motorsports.

Chester Kiefer, ISL student and successful racing car driver poses in his car for the camera.