Nicki Crush Farewell Message

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Nicki Crush Farewell Message

As I retire after twenty-six years at ISL, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of its growth. I look forward to seeing the School’s continued success and encourage everyone at school to embrace the changes that will come, to encourage and challenge our students to think big and to develop the passions and skills they will need to be future ready.

To keep cultivating the special relationship that exists between students and staff, to focus on the importance of every individual. The school is a unique kaleidoscope of opportunities for learning, for that is ISL, a school where students learn for life.

Bridging the gap in understanding between different cultures, languages and beliefs must surely be an even stronger priority for 2021. If ever there was a time for our mission of ensuring our community becomes inspired, resilient and passionate about achieving what matters anywhere in the world, it is now. 

Wishing ISL and its new Director, DJ Condon every success.

Nicki Crush

Nicki Crush Farewell