Meet Our Parent Ambassadors

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Meet Our Parent Ambassadors

This morning, we had the pleasure of hosting our Parent Ambassadors for breakfast, celebrating their key role in creating a sense of belonging among our school's diverse families.

Enrolling your child in a new school, especially in a different country, can be challenging. At ISL, we understand the importance of a smooth transition for new families. That's where our dedicated team of Parent Ambassadors comes into play. After the enrolment process is complete, new families are introduced to our Parent Ambassadors, ensuring they feel immediately connected and supported in their new environment.

Our Parent Ambassadors are a group of dedicated volunteers who have received special training to assist new families. They come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, which mirrors the international nature of our school community. This diversity allows them to relate to the unique challenges and experiences that each new family may face.

They provide invaluable support to new families in many ways including helping them navigate school platforms, offering translation assistance, and sharing their own experiences as part of our community. This personalised guidance goes a long way in making new families feel at home and ensuring they are well-prepared for their journey at our school. In Luxembourg, where newcomers may feel a sense of loneliness, our school community is committed to easing this transition. Our Parent Ambassadors play a central role in providing seamless integration for new families.

Today's breakfast wasn't just about sharing a meal; it was a reflection of ISL's caring and inclusive spirit—a community where everyone is an integral part of our extended family. We thank our Parent Ambassadors for their commitment to fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere at ISL.