ISL Graduation 2020 – A Memorable Ceremony

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ISL Graduation 2020 – A Memorable Ceremony

On Saturday 13 June, the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) Class of 2020 graduated in the school’s own premises.

Due the COVID-19 situation, the school had to adapt both the agenda and the setting of the event to ensure that social distancing was respected and all precautionary measures were taken to protect everyone’s health.

Exceptionally this year, the ceremony took place in the ISL Lower School auditorium. Students were greeted by the cheers of their teachers and other ISL staff members as they arrived, and then walked through the school on a magnificent red carpet. Although parents and families of the 105 graduating students were unable to attend the ceremony due to the limited capacity of the room, they were able follow it via livestreaming. They unanimously praised the personalised organisation of the event.  

“The Graduation Ceremony is an important landmark for our students and their families”, stated Patricia Angoy, Lower School Principal and Acting Director. “Over the last couple of years, our Senior Class has been working very hard towards obtaining their diploma. For many students, this major event in their life is the last opportunity to celebrate with their friends before they pursue their own path, often internationally. We are all thrilled and relieved that it can finally take place”.

 “Without this event, we all would have felt like something important had been stolen from our students’ lives”, added Iain Fish, Upper School Principal. “Our school takes great pride in ensuring that everyone in our community becomes inspired, resilient and passionate about achieving what matters, anywhere in the world. It was of utmost importance for us to live up to our words and demonstrate that, with a lot of determination, all obstacles can be overcome.”