ISL Alumna Sarah Mackel Represented Luxembourg at ASEF 2023

ISL Alumna Sarah Mackel Represented Luxembourg at ASEF 2023

Our graduate Sarah Mackel, from the class of 2021, had the honor of representing Luxembourg at the 2023 Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) Young Leaders Summit. This event brought together young leaders from Asia and Europe to collaborate on global challenges, focusing on Leadership and Society 5.0. Sarah's participation underscores her dedication to fostering international cooperation and leadership.

The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) strengthens relations between Asia and Europe through various exchanges, including the annual Young Leaders Summit. This summit gathers representatives aged 18 to 30 to discuss and find solutions to global issues, promoting intercultural understanding and cooperation.

In this interview, Sarah shares her experiences, insights, and the impact of her time at ISL on her journey.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your projects and life after you graduated from ISL?

Yes, of course. My name is Sarah Mackel. I graduated from ISL in 2021 after completing the IB program with a score of 45. I then moved on to study Medicine and Surgery at the University of St. Andrews. This year, I'll be graduating from the first cycle of my diploma and moving to the University of Manchester to finish my medical studies. Since leaving ISL, I've been involved in several projects, many of which were inspired by my high school experiences. For instance, I participated in a board leadership masterclass that advised European board leaders on sustainability and technology in corporate governance. I also spent a year at the Luxembourg Tech School and presented scientific projects at international conferences in the USA and Spain. Currently, I'm a member of several societies, with a particular focus on my participation in the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF).

Can you tell us more about your involvement with the Asia Europe Foundation?

This year's ASEF theme was Leadership and Society 5.0, which aligned with my experience in technology and healthcare. There were over 8,500 applicants, and I was selected to represent Luxembourg, along with Sara Gabrielli, who is 25 years old and a youth Delegate for Luxembourg to the EU.

How were you selected to represent Luxembourg?

The selection process involved an open call for applications. We had to answer questions about our leadership experience in an international context, particularly in technology and Society 5.0. The final selection was made by an internal committee.

How did your time at ISL prepare you for these international summits?

My time at ISL motivated me to seek out my own opportunities and become self-motivated. It encouraged me to develop skills independently, which has greatly impacted my profile and motivation. This drive to pursue various opportunities has been crucial in my personal and professional development.

What is the significance of initiatives like the ASEF Young Leaders Summit in shaping future leadership, especially for young individuals?

It's incredibly important to connect young leaders from different countries to collaboratively address global challenges. These initiatives foster intercultural understanding and partnerships, which are essential for tackling issues like climate change and leveraging technology for everyone's benefit. The high-level conversations and masterclasses with ambassadors and other leaders are invaluable for creating a sustainable future.

How have these events impacted your personal and career growth?

These opportunities have broadened my horizons and provided me with skills and experiences that are beneficial for my career and personal development. They have allowed me to strengthen my CV and grow as an individual.

Why do you engage in these extracurricular activities despite your busy schedule?

I believe it's important to gain as many experiences as possible within the time I have. This approach has been encouraged by my family and environment since childhood. Engaging in these activities helps me look beyond academic workload and develop skills that are crucial for both personal growth and professional success.

We thank Sarah for sharing her incredible journey with us. We are immensely proud of our alumni who continue to make significant impacts in the world, and we are honored to share their stories with our wider community.