Goodbye and Good Luck, Class of 2024!

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Goodbye and Good Luck, Class of 2024!

Yesterday, ISL celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2024 in a ceremony held at the Grand Theatre. The event, which was also live-streamed on YouTube, marked a milestone with 115 students receiving their diplomas, the largest graduating class in ISL's history. As Upper School Principal Iain Fish, our Master of Ceremonies, aptly stated, it was "the best day of the year." 

Dr. David J. Condon, ISL’s Director, delivered a heartfelt opening speech, expressing gratitude to the students, parents, staff, and board members for their support and dedication. He also emphasized the purpose and impact of the International Baccalaureate (IB) education, stressing the importance of nurturing internationally minded individuals in an increasingly polarized world. His speech underscored the values of global citizenship and empathy, which are central to the IB philosophy.

A poignant moment of the ceremony was the screening of a video montages showcasing senior students' baby photos and artistic portraits created by Kindergarten students. These touching tributes celebrated the graduates' journey from their early years to this significant milestone.

Liam, the staff-elected student speaker, delivered an inspiring speech, followed by Zian, the student-elected speaker, who shared reflections on their collective experiences and future aspirations. The Class of 2024, known for its diverse talents, includes future movie directors, doctors, and business leaders. For the first time, the ceremony featured a musical performance accompanied by a dance routine, highlighting the creativity of this cohort.

Diplomas were presented by Dr. Condon and the Chair of the Board, Brian Blanchard. Notably, 22 of the graduates had been with ISL since Kindergarten, marking a long and meaningful educational journey at the school.

The ceremony was a testament to the hard work and achievements of the Class of 2024. We invite you to relive the moments by watching the embedded video of the graduation ceremony. Congratulations to all the graduates!