F1 in Schools National Finals

F1 in Schools National Finals

Last Saturday, ISL hosted F1 in Schools National Finals for Luxembourg. Of the 23 teams who started this year, 6 made it to the National Finals. 


F1 in Schools stands as the premier school-based STEM program globally, engaging ages 9 to 19. Its primary aim is to reshape perceptions of science, technology, engineering, and math, fostering a vibrant learning atmosphere where youths gain insights into careers spanning engineering, Formula 1, science, marketing, and technology. Each participating team undertakes sponsorship endeavors and budget management to finance research, travel, and lodging.

The competition showcased the growth of participants in this global STEM challenge. Teams presented their portfolios and cars to a panel of 12 impartial judges, who lauded their prowess in marketing, management, manufacturing, design, and engineering.

Throughout the event, cars raced around the track, reaching speeds surpassing 60 kph, leading to the thrilling KnockOut championship.

Four trophies were awarded: KnockOut Champions and Fastest Car to the European School's Icarus; Top team in the second-level competition to the European School's Rubicon; and Champions at the top level to ISL with Goldcrest Racers.

Every team brought their A game, and it was amazing to see the level of expertise and commitment in the room. 

Vivian Lindsey, representing Goldcrest Racers, expressed admiration for the event's caliber, commending the dedication of all participants. In her own words: "It was really a fantastic event, and it was an honor to compete with so many passionate people. Every team brought their A game, and it was amazing to see the level of expertise and commitment in the room. While the competition was only one day, each team put in a tremendous amount of time throughout the year in order to build up the materials they presented, and it showed in the level of quality on display. We have nothing but respect for all our competitors, regardless of their tier or level of previous experience. Everyone on our team learned so much, and we cannot wait to continue in the future!"

Now, all teams and new entrants embark on building upon what they have learned, developing their STEM interests and abilities as they aim towards the World Finals.

To learn more about joining F1 in Schools in Luxembourg, contact f1inschools@islux.lu to take the first step towards an exciting endeavor.