Environmental Knowledge Week was Great Success

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Environmental Knowledge Week was Great Success

ISL' Green Club News: Environmental knowledge week, held the week of 7th to 11th February, was a success!

As a school, money for a total of 1343 trees was raised which will be planted in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal by the Tree Nation Foundation. This was ISL’s contribution to replanting trees in vulnerable areas.

Contributing to the tree fundraiser, 10 handmade crochet bags were sold to students and teachers amongst the school.

Opening the week with an informative talk by Matthew Pye, 11th grade students listened to a presentation in their TOK classes where they were given a brief summary of climate change and what Matthew Pye has done to make a change with his Climate Academy. At lunch on Monday the 7th, high school students were offered the opportunity to listen to his knowledge in more depth and ask specific questions about what he is doing and what we can do to limit climate change effects.

On the last day of environmental knowledge week, a few students worked together to create a climate crime scene with students having no previous knowledge to raise awareness for the detrimental effects climate change is having on the environment.

A statement from Laurine König, student leader of green club and organiser of the climate crime scene: “Did you notice it? On January 11 there was a Climate crime scene at our Upper School reception. This included aspected of species extinction, pollution, wildfires, and much more… In this crime against the environment we as humans are the culprit.”

The awareness and movement for climate change and the environmental impacts doesn’t end here! There will be a climate march held on the 25th of March at 14:00 at Place Clairefontaine which will be run by the youth of Luxembourg. More information for parents and students about this event will follow shortly but remember to put this in your diaries!

Go Green!

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