Community Work in Africa Presentation

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Community Work in Africa Presentation

Grade 11 students were privileged to meet Cooperation Nord-Sud Founder, Roberto as well as his colleagues Simona and Dr. John Bosco. Cooperation Nord-Sud is an NGO in Luxembourg working to help support basic human rights, including the right to clean water, access to health care and education in communities in Africa. 

NGO projects in which ISL students have been involved include work in Korogocho, Kenya, as well as current work in Uganda, with the goal of providing health care access to young women and children with the goal of reducing maternal mortality in childbirth, infant mortality before the age of 5, and reintroducing education into the community. Young women can be financially supported in completing their nursing and midwifery diplomas.

Dr. John Bosco shared his work as a doctor in this region; he described the nomadic living conditions and the difficulty in achieving SDG Goal 3: providing equal access to healthcare for all. The grade 11 students listened, were engaged, and responded to questions from the speaker. They asked pertinent questions and expanded their understanding of the role of being a global citizen.

Cooperation Nord-Sud Founder