60th Anniversary Alumni Weekend at ISL

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60th Anniversary Alumni Weekend at ISL

Alumni, former, and current staff members reunited at a very special event to celebrate ISL's 60th Anniversary.

A collage of photos of the people attending International School of Luxembourg's 60th Anniversary Alumni Weekend

On June 7-8, ISL continued its 60th anniversary celebrations with an Alumni Weekend. The event saw a large turnout from alumni across all decades and former staff members, with the largest turnout from the Class of 2014, which was also celebrating its 10th anniversary since graduating from high school. Alumni parent Arnita Hallerstrom spearheaded this special 10-year celebration for the class. Additionally, several alumni from the original DuPont de Nemours Private School, as ISL was known between 1963 and 1969, were in attendance, adding a special touch to the celebration.

The celebration of our school's rich history began with a tour of the campus, which has seen many changes and developments over the years. This tour was particularly surprising for our older alumni, who marveled at how much the campus has evolved.

The festivities continued with a Welcome BBQ, where alumni had the chance to reconnect with their former teachers and classmates. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie as old friendships were rekindled and new memories were made. During the barbecue, the Lower School Band and Choir gave a performance, and afterwards, the young performers were seen running around with their ice creams. Our Director, Dr. David J. Condon, and former director, Nicki Crush, also gave heartfelt speeches that added to the occasion.

Saturday was dedicated to sports, with many exciting matches taking place as part of our Sports Day. Alumni faced off against each other in friendly competitions, while alumni parents cheered on their children once again from the sidelines of the ISL sports fields. The Sports Day speech was given by our Upper School Principal, Iain Fish.

The weekend concluded with a Celebration Dinner hosted by ISL at Brasserie Schuman. Tali Golergant, who recently represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest, was one of the guests and she added touch of stardust to the evening. The dinner was a fitting end to a weekend filled with laughter, memories, and the forging of new bonds.

We are proud and happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate our school's 60th anniversary with such a wonderful group of alumni, alumni parents, and former staff members.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating this milestone! 

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