Historian Marc Schoentgen educates German language class about the Holocaust

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“Stumbling stones” are brass plates, which remember the life and death of victims of Nazi persecution. What a special moment when the students of the German A class were allowed to hold a “stumbling stone” in their hands, which remembered the deportation and the death of Bernard Nussbaum, a 10 year old Jewish boy from Luxemburg.

On Wednesday 26th January Historian and Leader of 'Fondation Zentrum fir politesch Bildung' Marc Schoentgen visited the German Language A class. Marc Schoentgen is one of the authors and researchers of the publication “Die Fahrt in den Tod”, which investigated the deportation of Jewish people from Luxembourg and Trier to concentration camps.

In the previous weeks the students learnt about Sophie School, the Holocaust and WW2. With the help of Marc Schoentgen they made the connection to the events in Luxembourg during this time and history became alive. 

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