ISL Student Team Represented Luxembourg at the F1 in Schools World Finals for the First Time

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A team of ISL students became the first team to represent Luxembourg at the F1 in Schools World Finals. This year the F1 in Schools event was held in the iconic heart of British Motor racing: The Silverstone track. The event was attended by hundreds of competitors and visitors all the time surrounded by the sounds of racing taking place. Teams had the opportunities to present their many challenges and achievements to everyone through their ‘Pit Displays’ and the various trips and events which took place.


In the competition phases, ‘Aetos’, ISL’s team, fought intense rivalry from 52 qualifying teams from 25 countries and won the coveted New Comers’ title and the best team logo award. These awards demonstrate that the team not just successfully raced their car but also convinced the teams of Design & Engineering, Enterprise, Marketing, and Management judges that they had reached champion’s standard. Congratulations to them all.

Look out for Aetos’s forthcoming Exhibition at ISL promoting STEM, DEI in motorsport and Sustainability.


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