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COVID-19 : ISL Roadmap Plan
(School Year 2020-2021)

ISL Roadmap for School Year 2020-21
ISL Roadmap for School Year 2020-2021

During the school year 2020/2021, Virtual Learning might be a necessary expedient when health, environmental and safety conditions leave no other option. ​Accordingly, ISL has  developed three different learning models to increase the likelihood that it will be  positioned to start its school year in August 2020. All three models are informed by ISL’s  definition of high quality learning.

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This document compliments the Hygiene and Safety Concept.

Important Note:
In light of the changing COVID landscape and the recent announcement by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the ISL Roadmap “Plan B” scenario is currently under review. The final update will be made shortly.  

Key Highlights

The Roadmap plan for the School Year 2020-2021 anticipates three plans/scenarios:

Face-to-face learning

Plan A

Face-to-face Learning Model

ISL’s regular educational experience with full classes on campus in all grade levels 

Connected Virtual Learning Model

Plan B

Rotated classes / Connected Virtual Learning Model

This model is applicable when the public health situation is at an elevated risk. In this context, social distancing and density reduction are key strategies to reduce exposure to the virus.

Virtual Learning Model

Plan C

Virtual Learning Model

this model is applicable when safety conditions dictate that ISL’s campus must be closed, as it was experienced by the ISL community in the months March to May 2020.

ISL has developed a learning model corresponding to each plan, informed by ISL’s definition of high quality learning.

First page of the PDF file: ABC-Plans

All plans will see permanent adjustments to the developing situation as long as there is no vaccine or effective medication for Covid-19. The school is prepared to switch to either Plan B or C at any time if the public health situation worsens. ISL will apply Plan C (Virtual Learning Model) only if the public health situation and conditions demand that we close our campus again.

Read the full Roadmap for more information.




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