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Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge
Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge

ISL has, for the second year, been lucky enough to have students chosen to attend the BIYSC. This is a rich environment enabling students to meet with like minded peers and take part in research level projects where they work alongside doctoral and post grade students.   

“The challenges are a key part of BIYSC. We entrust the achievement of these challenges to our participants so that they can complete successfully the program. Each challenge represents a step that BIYSC candidates are expected to surpass throughout the process of application and participation in the summer program. We believe that the achievement of the following challenges will provide the students with advantageous skills, which they can make use of in their future academic and professional scientific journey.” (BIYSC)

A few quotes from our students: 

“I loved BIYSC because it challenged me to know more about what I love and I am passionate about. The people I met are useful connections for life because we have similar beliefs and interests. One of my nicest experiences this summer!”

"BIYSC helped me to solidify my direction going into university applications. Working for two weeks on a project that was extremely relevant to my main area of interest, the use of chemistry in the sustainable optimization of processes, gave me confidence in my current choice of path in regards to higher education."

"The two weeks spent at BIYSC were one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I enjoyed the entire process: the application and interviews (which were very new to me), the incredible lab experience, the opportunity to see what life as a researcher is like, and the chance to present and expand on my newfound knowledge even after the end of the program."

"BIYSC was a wonderful, inspiring experience and a great opportunity to learn about the areas of science that interest me, including getting to design my own research project and working with a team of researchers and other students. 

However, over the course of the two weeks, friends who worked in other projects also introduced me to completely new fields of science for me such as astrophysics, surgery, or engineering, which I found really interesting, so in that sense, it also helped to open my mind to new things that I hadn't thought of before. 

BIYSC changed my outlook on what it means to be a scientist and work in science for the better, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in research, science, or medicine."