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Alumni Visits

From the Class of 2018:
Ilia Michailidou (University of Reading, UK); Maggie Farrell (Notre Dame, USA); Sarika Hayes (World-wide Gap Year & then McGill, Canada); Colton Summers (Lafayette, USA) visit with the Higher Education Office



Saskia Stomph (ISL class of 2015 & London School of Economics 2018) visits with Laura Austin


Eline Munster and Marcel Gossarth (ISL Class of 2017, currently attending NYU) visit Higher Ed. 

Astrid Lawyer (Class of 2018, currently attending Wellesley college) visits Bob Sinclair.


Students do not forget good teachers & that was definitely true when one former student returned to ISL to sign a painting he had given to his former teacher, Mr. Ruef, 22 years ago!
Rickard Linder (Class of 1993) lives in Sweden now & is a graphic artist as well as a music video director & producer.