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From the Director
From the Director
Dear Parents,

As we continue to move through the Accreditation process, part of the next stage is a detailed ‘Self Study’ which the School will be carrying out between now and December. The Self Study includes a detailed survey which goes out to all members of the community, parents, staff and students (the Council of International Schools (CIS) recommends the survey is completed by students in grades 5 and above).

We will send out a link to the survey after the Carnival break and hope that as many people as possible will complete it. The survey will be available in multiple languages and assistance will be available in school for those who would like to complete it on campus. Time will be made available for students to complete the survey at school. The data will then be processed by the CIS and sent back to us. More details will follow when the link is sent out.

Congratulations to all our students who are helping to make the campus a greener place by encouraging us all to stop selling and buying water in plastic bottles. A great initiative for us to support.

Please also support us by ensuring that you do not park across any emergency exits around the building so that access is always available for emergency vehicles. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Nicki Crush