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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,

The report writing and reading is well underway to have everything ready for you to access, online, before the February break.

We have offered several workshops on how to interpret the report cards. Our aim is to have them more closely reflect the process of teaching and learning in our school through four distinct phases of learning, common across the curriculum.

I include a recent blog from our ICT facilitator, in French, for those who find this easier to understand. This follows on from his blog on developing a culture of thinking in young children, previously included just before the winter break.

Check out Stephane’s blog link here:

The Grade 5 students, in their Life Skills classes with Mrs. Williams, will be exploring more on safekeeping. Although this is an old film clip it does present a very sensitive issue in ways that empower children and let them know how things can get better. You can find the link to this youtube video on breaking the silence here:

This week one of our Grade 3 classes hosted a local school visit, Eis Schoul, with 26 students and 6 teachers from the Kirchberg. This is a return visit and follow up to ours earlier on last year.

Eight of our teachers and part of the leadership team of the Lower School will follow on from the 22 participants in Jo Boaler’s online workshops, discussions and exploration of resources. The aim is to support a positive mindset and an inquiry approach to mathematics, fostering deeper thinking in the subject. Professor Boaler, from Stanford University, also offers online resources and workshops for parents. Do check her website.

Don’t forget that Friday 17 February there are no classes for students in the Lower School. Our teachers and staff will be involved in workshops. The carnival break begins at the end of the day, 16th February and we will all return to school on Monday 28th February at 08:25.

Finally, goodbye to Jackie Brown. Having spent more than 10 years at ISL as Office Coordinator, she moves on to the University of Luxembourg to support the startup of a new postgraduate programme. Good Luck Jackie! I will announce her replacement in due course.

Do enjoy the weekend ahead. There are many great activities for children in Luxembourg and you can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter here:


Patricia Angoy

Lower School Principal