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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Parents,

Let me wish you a rather belated Happy New Year! Over the past two weeks I have spent quite a lot of time outside of Luxembourg recruiting teachers for the 2017-2018 academic year and so I admit that writing the Weekly Highlights has taken a back seat to that important task.  I am pleased to report that we have succeeded in hiring some excellent teachers who will join the ISL community in August and whilst we have not quite finished the job I am very pleased with the progress made so far.

The new calendar year has started very smoothly in the Upper School and I am delighted to say that when I welcomed students back to school they mostly entered the building with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.  I am not sure that in my youth I re-entered school after the Christmas holiday in such a positive way.  We are now right back into the ‘hustle and bustle’ of school life, with the grade 12 students taking their Mock IB exams.  These ran extremely smoothly thanks to the hard work of the staff and the outstanding organisation of Mr. Sinclair and we are all looking forward to the results that will be released soon.

Last year the Lower School and Middle School student councils led an initiative to encourage students to purchase custom built refillable ISL water bottles rather than buying the small plastic water bottles during the school day.  This initiative was a direct result of the number of empty plastic bottles collected at the end of a school day and the feeling that we as an institution should not have such a negative impact on the environment.

These ISL refillable water bottles have now been released and bought by many students. The next step in this campaign is now ready for implementation and was passed at the last Food Committee meeting. From Monday 27th February small water bottles will no longer be sold in the cafeteria nor in the drinks machines located around the school. All students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles, which they can refill between lessons during the day, and at lunch there are plastic cups and jugs of water available so that students can ensure that thy are consuming enough fluids. As a heads up the next step will be to remove all the drinks machines around the school, as we are concerned about the amount of sugar contained in the fruit juices being sold. Watch this space!

Kind regards,

Mike Hitchman