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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents, 

End to Plastic Water Bottles at ISL!

The Food Committee at ISL, comprised of the students, leadership team, parents, teachers and nurses agreed that the sale of water in single-use plastic bottles would be discontinued with effect from 27 February 2017. This has been a long–awaited decision by many. We are also introducing improved access to clean, fresh water around the school. Maintenance is in the process of installing modified water taps for easy filling of reusable bottles. The LS has already begun selling ISL water bottles with a logo designed by one of our Lower School students. However, any reusable bottle is acceptable and encouraged. 

Just a few statistics; for each 1 litre plastic bottle, 162 g of oil and 7 litres of water are used in its manufacture together with 100g of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere. Do encourage your child/ren to find out more about what it takes to get 500ml of water into a single-use plastic container.

At our next Lower School Assembly, run by the Blue Hats, they will be celebrating this decision and sharing information about this student-driven initiative. The students will demonstrate how easy it is to fill reusable water bottles and take the opportunity to promote the ISL bottles.

Time for Kids

This beautiful little 7 min video (please click here) comes via one of our teachers. When you have a few moments, do have a look. What thoughts do these images provoke? At a time when it sometimes seems that the polar weather has taken root in Luxembourg, do take the time to look, observe, inquire and wonder with your children as you drive, ride or walk about your neighbourhood. The danger of this image is ever-present.

Safeguarding our children

I am now back from the recruiting fairs in London; Search Associates and The Council of International School (CIS). One of the prevailing discussions over the last weekend was the need to be conscious of safeguarding our children. The role of Child Protection Officers in schools together with clear guidelines and policy on protecting our children from physical, mental, sexual and online abuse was widely discussed. ISL continues to be a pioneer in this area and one that has clear policies in place. However, this does not diminish in anyway our continued responsibility to your children and their safety.

Goodbye from the Lower School Office

Next week we say goodbye to Mrs. Jackie Brown in the Lower School office. Jackie has worked in the Lower School for over 10 years. She has pioneered many systems that help keep us connected and facilitated the smooth running of the Lower School, often under enormous pressure. She has positively contributed to ISL in ways, far too numerous to state here, and will be missed throughout the Lower School and ISL in general. I wish her every success in her new venture and thank her most sincerely for the work, the dedication and the creative inspiration she has provided. Good luck Jackie!

Technology at ISL

Next week we look to starting a new technology workshop for students on Wednesday lunchtimes in a great project, funded externally. Tanya Irene and Stephane Vermeulin will update you next week. Check the portal for upcoming information.

ISL Weekend Institutes

ISL hosts two important professional institutes this weekend; Concept-Based Mathematics – Teaching for Deep Understanding with Jennifer Wathall and Rachel French and in a parallel session, Developing International Mindedness and Promoting Student Action with Cathryn Berger Kay. All sessions take place 28-29 January.

Wishing you a warm weekend!
Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal