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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,


As 2016 comes to a close, I'd like to thank you all for supporting your children throughout the year. Sometimes it is hard to come to terms with differencebetween home and school, at other times, how comforting it is to know that we too have your child's best interest at heart, even when this doesn't  "look" the same.

Special Thanks to our Room Parents/PTO

The Lower School Room Parents/PTO representatives have been working endlessly to support the new parents as they arrived this year, organise the Lower School Family Group UN Luncheon, garner parents to come to the workshops, field trips, coffee mornings in the classroom, and to observing how children learn and demonstrate their thinking, making it visible in classrooms and beyond, organising home-language reading, attending coffee with me on Friday mornings, arranging the Parent/Toddler group on Wednesdays and participating in PE one Saturday this term with your child/ren. This is just a snippet to show all the ways you are involved. Our Staff Room has been decorated, as are the entrances to all the grade levels with holiday cheer and great festive food. Thank you!

International Cookbooks from our Family Groups

Each Family Group has been creating an international cookbook, that you can download on our COMMUNITY PORTAL in the LOWER SCHOOL Section in the folder FAMILY GROUPS. Here you can receive one example of the 22 different international cookbooks: Family Group 1 Cookbook

ISL's Family Groups wish you...


Happy Holidays! With a special thanks to PTO Lower School Coordinator Rachael Tham, we have been busy creating Family Group Cookbooks for all of our families to indulge over the break and beyond! Our Family Group Cookbooks will allow you to access all of the recipes from around the world. May you have a delicious and safe break with your own families. (Keri Williams, Lower School Family Groups).

French Version of Cultures of Thinking Aims

The ICT Facilitators have produced a French version of what a culture of thinking in a school aims to do, as we promote deeper thinking in all aspects of leaning with "thinking routines" in an effort to make students' thinking visible to all.
Please click here to access this information.

I always feel that we should have some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as the calendar year draws to an end, even when this means saying goodbye to students and their families. To have had you here, to have had the opportunity for us to learn and grow together is a gift.


Each day, we want to create spaces in our school in which all children continue to learn from each other and about themselves, create and imagine, doubt and persevere, struggle and grapple with new concepts, be playful and curious, be kind and thoughtful and so much more. I almost can't wait for the New Year to begin to continue our journey together. Before that happens, however, I wish you all safe travels, great adventures at home or away, and return refreshed to begin a New Year, 2017.


Happy Holidays!