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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal


Dear parents,

As the temperature drops and the mornings are increasingly icy, so the traffic around school becomes more and more congested. As a result we are seeing numerous students arriving late for the start of school on a more regular basis. In response to this I ask that you endeavour to leave home 10 minutes earlier, so that your child gets to school in time for period 1 and ‘ready to learn’.

Earlier in December Lou Gervais arranged a celebration for one of the most important activities that is run at ISL, the Student Ambassadors programme.

By its very nature ISL has a rather transient population and moving to a new school (and possibly a new country) is a rather turbulent experience for any young person. It is impossible to perform well academically without being stable socially and emotionally, and it is the aim of this programme to give new students an anchor to latch onto in the first few months, and to feel welcome and safe in their new environment. The luncheon arranged by Lou was a way of thanking the student ambassadors for their commitment to the process and checking in with our new students to see how they are feeling after their first few months. If the smiling faces and general comments are a measure of success then the programme is definitely working!

If you are travelling over the winter break please do so safely and I look forward to welcoming you all back to ISL in the new year.

Seasonal greetings,

Mike Hitchman