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From the Board of Governors
From the Board of Governors

Dear Parents,

The School held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 29 November. It was the first such occasion that I have had to chair. So it was a new experience for me. Attendance at the meeting, together with postal votes, was adequate for quorum purposes, but disappointing for a Board that is constantly being asked to be more transparent and communicative. There was a lot of transparent and communicative material on offer at the meeting. The three presentations from the Treasurer, the Chairman and the Director, are available on line, but those that did not attend will not have the benefit of the explanatory words that go with these presentations.
The audited annual financial statements of the School were duly approved, as was the budget for 2016-17. There was only one parent-nominated candidate for election to the Board and I am very pleased to report that Åsa Starck was elected and has already attended her first Board meeting on Monday this week.
We plan to organise a series of meetings in the next trimester to enable as many parents as possible to participate in discussions with the Board and the Senior Leadership Team on a range of matters in a more relaxed and informal environment than the traditional Townhall meetings of the past. You will be invited to put subjects on the agenda of these meetings to ensure that everyone’s interests are covered and that information can be prepared on them.

Kind regards,
Robert Deed
Chairman, Board of Governors