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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,

What a lot there is to be thankful for! Your participation at the Maths workshop last week, getting your children on time to the choirs at the Sunday Christmas Market (and for joining in song), the huge support from the PTO in organising the Holiday Bazaar on Friday last and parent participation in the “Hour of Code”. This all goes towards bringing a community spirit and interest in all aspects of school life. It’s such a busy time as you make plans to see family or spend time exploring your new home environment that we sometimes forget that our children’s needs are pretty simple. They want to feel secure and loved, know that we are looking out for them and that they are safe. Even when we know all that, it’s incredible how nerves get frazzled at this time, a rough word is said unwittingly, and kids feel left out.

The next few days we have quite a few concerts and class festivities but the schedule of work at school continues until our last day on Wednesday 21st December at noon. Please don’t forget to collect your child – and there are always a few parents who don’t remember that the school actually closes at the end of each calendar year. It is the only time we shut down, the heaters go down low and the school rests and gets cleaned and aired ready for the New Year. This is the only time that all our maintenance personnel get some holiday at the same time. So … look around for lost property that will be out on the last week of school and collect all the umpteen gloves, coats, scarves, shoes, books and bags that are left at school every day.

We are at the end of our Preparatory Accreditation Visit and it has been good to see the participation of our Lower School students in this work. They too get their say in shaping who we are as an International School in Luxembourg.

Warm thanks,

Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal