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HOODIE – A Middle School Theatrical Experience
HOODIE – A Middle School Theatrical Experience

During trimester one, a group of 25 Middle School students (Grades 6-8) came together two times a week, to rehearse a play called “Hoodie”. This is a play by American author, Lindsay Price, which explores the themes of whether it is better to fit into or stand out of the crowd, how to deal with peer pressure and parental expectations, how to manage puberty and body image concerns, and whether popularity is worth the price you have to pay. For our production, the cast was divided into two, with half the cast playing the lead roles and the other half the chorus, and then swapping for the next performance. This way, all 25 actors got a main role, but also were involved in every performance almost all the time. The directors for the play were Mr. Macky and Mrs. Schneider. The set designer was Oguz Karakose, in Grade 10. And the sound designer and operator was Anastasie da Col, in Grade 8.
Two performances were done for the school community on Wednesday, 23rd of November, and both were full houses. The feedback from the audiences (parents and students) was very positive, with comments like “Very apt. It reminds me of my family life!”, “It’s the perfect play for Middle School audiences”, and “Your play generated a lot of discussion in my class!”.  Thank you to all the school community for your support of the play. We look forward to welcoming you to next trimester’s performance.

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