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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a very interesting and insightful week at the invitation of some grade level classes to look at how your children approach learning. This year we are focussing on the  learning environment of the child and trying to make this visible to all. This is, as is learning, a process not a product. We explore ways of getting students to think deeply, make connections and apply these to new learning environments. 

The PE department also gave parents and their children the opportunity to use the gym together with materials that the PE teachers use regularly for their lessons and in ways that attend to the gross motor skills developed during their time in the gym. I hope you all enjoyed these moments together.

Last week too, we finished our first trial of MAP testing and teachers met on Wednesday to go over the initial results that show a great maturity in test-taking for most students using the online testing facilities afforded by MAP. The same cohort will take this test in the Spring and we will compare their results following targeted instruction in their potential growth in these areas; reading, language and mathematics.

Belynda Featherstone, Assistant Principal for Early Years and I were invited to visit the Loris Malaguzzi Infant/Toddler and Preschool centres in Reggio Emilia and attend the workshops at the International Centre which also houses the first experimental Primary School that uses the Reggio approach to learning and experiencing content in a wide range of subject areas. The local community provides support for the centres to grow and develop as research centres available to all children, 0-6 years old. They clearly exercise and honour the rights of every child and value the importance of a critical spirit, respect for self and others and a huge investment in quality education to meet the great potential that lies in all young minds, through daily documentation and research.

We speak of the 100 languages of children; music being just one of those. The Grade 3 concert on Wednesday is an example of our respect and support of the language of music for each and every child in the Lower School.

I hope you have an enjoyable week and are able to dip into the Christmas markets and the International Bazaar. Finally I would like to wish all our US citizens a Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe weekend for all,

Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal