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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Upper School Parents,

Whilst good academics is the ‘bread and butter’ of all quality schools I do believe that the truly outstanding institutions can only be measured by the quality of what happens outside of the four classroom walls.

ISL certainly has a well-deserved academic pedigree, but as Trimester 1 draws to a close what is being delivered to the students in a wider contexts has moved to the fore.

In the past 2 weeks we have seen our U12, U14, JV & Varsity Soccer and Volleyball teams in NECIS competition in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. In addition, we sent the largest group of ISL students ever to Den Hague for the NECIS Cross-Country event and whilst all teams were incredibly successful perhaps more importantly they were all great ambassadors of the school.

Last weekend also saw our Model United Nations (MUN) team take part in a conference in Valencia. All of our 12 students were outstanding in their endeavours with 5 being recognized with awards - 4 of them as Best Delegate on their committee.

If this is not enough we have certainly entered the musical season. On Tuesday 15th November I attended the Upper School band and choir concert, which was a truly outstanding event. Musical talent was on display everywhere in a wide range of genres and settings and it was a delight to see and hear. As some of you will know musical theatre is very close to my heart and so I am thrilled that the next event on stage is the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’’, which will be performed in the auditorium on 15th, 16th and 17th December. Tickets will be available in early December so I would encourage you to get one and not only support our students, but also guarantee yourself a night of high quality entertainment!

On behalf of you all I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all our teachers who made these wonderful sporting, musical and MUN opportunities possible. So many students have benefited from these experiences.

With Trimester 1 drawing to a close Christmas is only just around the corner and I would like to draw your attention to a local initiative which supports disadvantaged children at this festive time of year. ISL has supported the Gifts 4 Kids programme for many years, providing presents for these disadvantaged children. The children come from a variety of backgrounds but include:  refugee children (mainly through Caritas), orphaned children, children who have been taken away from their parents for various reasons (e.g., parents are abusive, addicts, etc), and/or special needs children whose parents were overwhelmed with care and therefore were placed in a group home. More details on the project are available from our web site, but a gift tree is now available in the Upper School foyer, so let’s make this the most successful year ever for this initiative!

Remember Trimester 1 finishes on Friday 25th November and so staff will be busy writing report cards over the next couple of weeks. These comments and grades will be available to you via the INSIS Family system on Friday 9th December, and the Upper School office will send you a reminding email when these reports go live on the system.

Kind Regards,

Mike Hitchman
Upper School Principal