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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Upper School Parents,

We have just completed week 7 of the school year and I am pleased to report that all appears to be going very smoothly.

Safety and Security

Please be aware that on Tuesday 11th October we conducted an announced lockdown drill with all classes. I am glad to say that all students responded very quickly to the emergency announcement and remained silent during the entire procedure. Please note that we will conduct an unannounced drill prior to the winter break

3 Way Conferences

Next week the Upper School 3 Way Conferences will take place at the following times:

  • 5pm - 8pm on Wednesday 19th October
  • 8:30am – 3:30pm Thursday 20th October
  • 8:30am – 3:30pm Friday 21st October


I hope that all parents were able to choose their appointment times via INSIS family, which has been available since Wednesday 5th October. Please note these are not Parent/Teacher conferences, but 3 Way conferences, with students encouraged to attend along with their parents.  As we strive to help students become more responsible for their own learning I believe that it is important that they are sitting with teacher and parents in these discussions to create the strong learning triangle that is such a vital component of the learning process. I would therefore strongly encourage you to bring your son or daughter along with you to the appointments.

I hope you have a very pleasant weekend and that I get the opportunity to meet with you next week.

Mike Hitchman
Upper School Principal