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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Parents,

Nearly 6 weeks into the school year we are well and truly over the honeymoon period that greets the start of every academic year and are rushing headlong towards the Toussaint break. Already the Upper School is a very busy place and a number of events have already taken place or will be taking place in the coming weeks:

Grade 9 Trip

“What a difference a day makes or in this case a year”! I remember one year ago writing about the annual grade 9 trip and saying how the poor weather had not dampened student spirits. Well this year the trip was equally successful, but for once the weather ‘played ball’ helping to make this a week to remember. A huge thank you to all the staff who organised and chaperoned this trip for giving this wonderful opportunity to our students. I am sure that this memorable experience will live with them for quite some time to come!


Interim Reports and 3 Way Conferences

Upper School interim reports will be issued via INSIS family on Friday 7th October. Please be reminded that as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook an “interim report is sent home at mid-term if a student is receiving a ‘3‘or below in any subject, or if his effort and/or conduct are unsatisfactory or are in need of improvement.”

These reports will be closely followed by 3 Way Conferences which are scheduled from:

  • 5pm - 8pm on Wednesday 19th October
  • 8:30am – 3:30pm Thursday 20th October
  • 8:30am – 3:30pm Friday 21st October


All parents will be able to choose their appointment times by using the INSIS Family system starting Wednesday 5th October. Instructions on how to carry out this process will be distributed by Francine Phillips in the High School office on Monday 3rd October.

Please note these are not Parent/Teacher conferences, but 3 Way conferences, with students encouraged to attend along with their parents.  As we strive to help students become more responsible for their own learning I believe that it is important that they are sitting with teacher and parents in these discussions to create the strong learning triangle that is such a vital component of the learning process. I would therefore strongly encourage you to bring your son or daughter along with you to the appointments.

Safety and Security

As you know we have a recently installed a ‘turning gate’ which allows students entrance to the school campus opposite the Bouillon. Unfortunately a number of students who are using this gate are sharing their ID cards rather than getting their own card programmed, are trying to squeeze through the gate as others are using it, or deciding to climb over the gate itself. All students can safely get access to school through this gate by simply having their card programmed by US Facility Manager Jörg Schmitz. If your child intends to use this gate I would ask for your support in this matter by speaking with them and encouraging them to get their ID card programmed so that they can use the gate safely.

Have a very pleasant weekend,

Mike Hitchman
Upper School Principal