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From the Communications Department
From the Communications Department

Dear Parents,

Last school year, many of you provided us feedback, through our Communication survey and/or focus groups, about how we communicate at ISL as well as how and where we should improve. Below you will find a status update of this initiative.

Communication survey and focus groups: what are the conclusions?

The survey and focus groups confirmed the following points:

a)     Information on our communication channels is:

  • difficult to find
  • not always communicated in a timely manner
  • not always reliable
  • hard to read

b)     Your primary interests are:

  • future events
  • information directly relevant to your children or yourself

c)     You are interested in Board-related information, especially when it is related to financial aspects or strategic orientations

d)     You welcome a direct approach (emails) if the topic is important to you

About the challenge

Improving the situation is not just a project in a central department. It has to be a school-wide initiative which involves all staff members. Among other things, it requires us to rethink:

  • our objectives:
    what are they and what should we stop/start doing (or do otherwise) in order to meet them?

  • our internal processes:
    who owns the information? Why, how and when is it delivered? How can we be more efficient? etc.

  • our communication channels:
    are they used effectively and do they allow us to meet the needs of our target audiences?

  • how we structure and present the information:
    how can we categorize and deliver the information more efficiently?


What progress has been made so far?

We are simultaneously working on 2 axes:

  • short term improvements

    You may have noticed already that the layout and structure of the weekly newsletter has been simplified. In parallel, we are currently auditing, reorganising and cleaning the information hosted on the Community Portal. Although we take great care in making the access to the information more direct and intuitive, we understand that it may lead you to change your habits. Therefore it could be temporarily more difficult for you to find your usual information on the Community Portal. Should it be the case, please drop us an email at: We will be happy to provide support.
  • mid & long term improvements

    An audit of the current Community & Staff Portal has been performed and weaknesses have been identified, such as: a difficult-to-read calendar, a “one size fits all” approach, etc. Other technical solutions have been investigated and it has been decided that, in the near future, we will move to a new platform which is more in line with our needs and expectations. We are currently working on the structure and content of this intra/extranet and we are collaborating with the provider on technical aspects.

More information about the timeline and functionalities will follow in the months to come.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Christian Simon
Head of Communications & Marketing