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MS Play - Asher's Magic Book - March 14th,16th,18th at 5.30pm

The cast and crew of “Asher’s Magic Book” cordially invite the ISL community to see this light-hearted, family play for all ages, performed and produced by a team of Middle School students. The play was written by two Grade 9 ISL students, Inés van der Paverd and Lana Mei Harris, while they were in Middle School. The authors will be at the performances to speak briefly about their process of writing the play and how it feels to be a performed author!
The story follows the adventures of a group of friends who try to recover a magic book stolen by a nasty villain called Shadow James. In the course of their travels, the friends dream often of Subway sandwiches (despite the calories!), meet Kiriku, a spiritually powerful African baby, get mixed up with a suspicious sorcerer called Wizardette, and finally learn the important lesson that “good and evil can rush to change places” when you’re not on your guard. Funny, clever, and with some excellent performances, this play will leave you smiling!
When: Monday 14th, Wednesday 16th and Friday 18th March at 5.30pm
Where: Upper School Auditorium
Tickets: No charge; seating is free