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From the Director - May 7, 2015
From the Director - May 7, 2015

PTO for the 2015-2016 School Year

Nicki Crush and I are most concerned about the apparent possibility that we will not have a PTO for next year. Obviously such a situation would be a great shame, particularly for our students who directly benefit so greatly from the support we receive from our parent body.

The positions we need to fill are as follows:


Not in itself a hugely time-consuming role, as this person has the oversight of the particular groups who organise events throughout the year. The President may wish to nominate a Vice-Presidential candidate with whom they know they could work well.


This person provides back-up for the President and helps with communication and setting the general tone of meetings and activities.


Manages and reports on the funds raised and spent during the year following well-established procedures.


Minutes the meetings and assists with communications to and from the PTO.

Lower School Coordinators: 

To provide consistency in parent involvement across the grades and to manage the class funds.

Event Coordinators: 

People who volunteer for these positions may in fact opt to oversee the organisation of one particular event which takes place during the year. Volunteers may be found for the specific events, which prevents the same people having to run all the activities during the year.

There are three members from the current PTO who will be staying on for next year - Kirsten Tichell will be in charge of Communications and Terri Neufeld and Janine Brockelhurst will stay on as Upper School Coordinators. The current PTO Executive members will also be happy to assist with handing over to people who step into these vacant positions for next year.

We wish to make it absolutely clear that we truly value our school / parent partnership and the importance of the social interaction which occurs at the events organised by the PTO during the school year. These are so much a part of our school culture.

Our Leadership Team will look closely at how we might strengthen this partnership.
With people in the positions mentioned above, there will be an ideal opportunity for dialogue and creative planning and we would welcome that.

Please give serious thought to your possible involvement by volunteering for one the key positions and make contact with the current President, Cara Davila, or Vice-President, Maureen Scheckel at the email address:

Thank you for your support and we look forward to having a great PTO as partners for next year.

Chris Bowman        

Nicki Crush
Incoming Director 2015-2016