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G2 Trip to Roman Villa Borg in Germany
G2 Trip to Roman Villa Borg in Germany

On Tuesday, June 13, two Grade 2 classes visited as part of their studies on the Roman Empire the "Villa Borg" in Perl. They students enjoyed exploring the large Roman villa complex, baking bread, dressing and playing as Romans did, and digging for treasures as archaeologists.

Here is a summary of the trip from Eva, Grade 2 student:

"Hello, this is grade two from ISL. We really enjoyed and learned on the field trip. All the people that did baking thought the baking was really fun. Our favourite parts were grinding, eating and drinking the break. The digs favourite parts were digging-up and finding artefacts. And the children that went on the tour learned a lot, some things they learned are: how the romans influenced us, built roads, built buildings and cleaned themselves. Oh and how they dressed up for their age. In short the field trip was REALLY COOL!"

Take a look at pictures here!