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From the Director
From the Director

Dear Parents,

As summer comes again, it is the time to say goodbye to students, families and staff as they move on in their life journeys. Last Saturday we celebrated the graduation of 98 students who will shortly be beginning the next stage of their journey, most of them away from Luxembourg. Daniel Ham, class of 2004, was the graduation speaker and he advised them to make the most of their opportunities, to fight for justice and equality and to find and then follow their passion. We hope that all our students moving on from ISL will do the same. This year, we also have several staff moving on from Luxembourg and we wish them all well for next year.

Several of our staff are retiring after many years of service to ISL. Gilbert Hastert retires after 40 years at ASL, AISL and ISL. Gilbert was seconded from the Luxembourg Ministry of Education when the school was in its early stages and has played many roles over the years from French and German teacher to Administrative Assistant to being a member of the IT department. We wish him the very best for a well-deserved retirement. Mike West also retires after 31 years at ISL interspersed with a spell of banking. He will be remembered for introducing Drama and Theatre to ISL and for the many wonderful productions over years as well as students being able to take Theatre as an IB subject. We wish him many enjoyable hours on the golf course and the cricket pitch. Phil Harvey is changing directions and moving from teaching into the church when he will be ordained as a deacon in the Church of England in Norwich Cathedral in early July. We wish him all the very best in this new field. Astrid Mancinelli and Isabelle Caverly are also retiring from the HR Office and Language department respectively and we wish them both a long and relaxing retirement.  Our two librarians, Barb O’Brien in the Lower School and Marion van Engelen, in the Upper School are also retiring as librarians, Barb to Australia and Marion to a different career as she continues her training as a Yoga instructor. Bill and Kim Harris,  Brooke and Christian Crum, Kevin Ayow, Michelle Unger, Ilse van Heerden, Phil Stokes, Lauralynn Sweet are all moving on to new adventures. Carrie Cannon will be on leave of absence next year and we wish her well in India. Life at ISL never stays still for long.

Kind regards,
Nicki Crush