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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of the academic year and say goodbye to some students and a few members of staff, it is timely for us to reflect on the year.

You will soon have your end of year report cards, which will be ready, online, for you to access on Wednesday 28 June. The Sports Day for students will be held on Monday 19 and our Grade 5 Moving Up ceremony on the following Monday 26 June. In between there are concerts, performances, field trips and picnics. Please do check the online calendar for updates and reminders.

Thanks to all of you who responded to the new start to the school year with comments and suggestions. The teachers will be ready to meet with each group of parents to learn more about how you see your child, as s/he starts the new academic year.

Please note that the school year begins on Wednesday 30 August with a “Listening Conference”. This listening conference will give the opportunity for the parents of all 18 students in a class to meet the classroom teacher, talk about where your child is at this time in their development, his/her strengths and challenges, right at the start of the year. Please read the information below explaining what that day will look like for you and your child. You will receive information with the discussion questions for each grade level when we publish the class lists. I will continue to publish information about this day at the end of the school year and before school starts in August, as a reminder.

As we prepare for the start of the New School Year 2017-2018, we have taken into account your consistent requests through our school surveys, (Back to School, Admissions, Accreditation, parent coffee mornings and communications focus groups) to offer you all 1:1 listening conferences with your child’s new teacher on the first day back to school on Wednesday August 30th, 2017. This day will also include time with the subject teachers where you will be able to pose questions and get information about the year ahead. The leadership team will provide information and time to talk about the curriculum, the school day, parent partnerships and the focus for the year ahead. The Business Office, Transportation and information about after school sports and clubs will also be here on the first day of school. We will provide child care for your youngest children whilst you conference with teachers of your older ones as it is preferable for the child to be present as you talk through your desires for the year ahead and how you view your child’s learning profile, with your child present, if appropriate.

The Lower School Office will assign you an appointment time with your new homeroom teacher once the class lists are posted in August and you will receive a suggested list of about six questions in In order to prepare for the listening conference of about 20 minutes with the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will take notes and use these to follow up with you at the first Parent/Teacher conferences in October. Before and after the listening conference you can go to the stations around the school to find out more information on any area of your child’s school life for the year ahead.

Please note that there will be no back-to-school-night in September as all areas covered in an evening session will happen on that first day. Do give yourself at least a couple of hours at school with your child/ren on Wednesday 30 August. You will be given a time slots in the morning or afternoon, corresponding your family name.

The first day in class will be on Thursday 31 August. Please note that part of the Early Years, (Preschool and K1) have a different schedule, as usual. We will have a start-up in the morning with coffee/croissant and brief welcome back for all students and parents.


First day of school, Wednesday 30th August 2017 (exceptions in Preschool)

Summary information

  • Parents scheduled for 1:1 Listening Conferences with classroom teachers in timed 20 minute sessions
  • Opportunities to make contact with all the specialist teachers
  • Curriculum information and access in multiple formats
  • Lower School Goals and general information and communication for the year ahead available
  • Sports equipment available to check sizing for online purchase at your convenience
  • After School sports and activities presented and sign-up access demonstrated
  • Business office/School life account explained
  • Transport schedules and car stickers available
  • Parent badges, where needed, provided
  • A chance to connect and reconnect in an informal way
  • PTO/Board information – parent liaison, volunteering and contact register
  • LAP volunteer information
  • Nurses to receive health forms and any advice you may need
  • Menu for the month/snack menu available
  • Counsellors/Child Protections team present
  • Opportunity to see the learning environments of your child/ren for the year ahead

Thursday 31 August, first day of regular classes (Preschool and K1 exceptions)

Have a pleasant week ahead!
Kind regards,

Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal