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From the Board of Governors
From the Board of Governors

Dear Members of the ISL Association,

At various times over the last months and most recently in the Highlights of 23 March 2017, the Board has asked candidates for Board membership to come forward for election at the general meeting on Tuesday 6 June.

Our Statutes prescribe that candidates need to be nominated only a short time before the general meeting, but this last-minute process is really not appropriate for a school of our size.

I am very pleased that our appeal for candidates has been successful: we already know of 6 candidates for 4 parent nominated Board places, even before the formal process of nomination has begun. We also have 3 candidates for the 4 Board-nominated positions which come vacant at the up-coming general meeting.

We also have 3 candidates for the 4 Board-nominated positions which come vacant at the up-coming general meeting.

There are several positive aspects to this. One is that we know we should be able to fill the vacant positions on the Board. Another is that a much higher proportion of the candidates are women, which should enable us to rebalance the gender diversity of the Board.

The risk is that we could end up with more candidates than can be elected and that we run into the problems we encountered a couple of years ago when insufficient candidates gained 50% of the vote, which currently is a qualification for election. So, whilst we would not wish to discourage additional candidates from being nominated, they would need to be aware of this risk. Two further Board positions will be up for election in November.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that two key members of the Board are candidates for re-election for a second 2-year term. Both Gert Rautenberg, our Treasurer, and Paul Heinz, Vice-Chairman and Chair of the Governance Committee, are doing a terrific job for our School and I strongly recommend that you re-elect them, to ensure they can continue their vital contribution.

I mentioned the Association’s Statutes above and the constraints these place on the Board election process. We will very shortly be in a position to share with you the amended version of the Statutes, which aims to overcome these issues and bring about a number of other, small, but significant changes, in line with those that I shared with you last June. The new version of the Statutes have to be approved by the Ministry of Justice, as ISL is a public interest association, before being put to the vote, hopefully in the autumn.

Robert Deed
Board Chairman