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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents

So many important and creative initiatives have been taking place in the Lower School. Students and their teachers are really looking deeply at learning, “peel the fruit”, according to one of our Grade 5 students in a recent assembly. Using a thinking map developed by Ron Ritchhart, students in art have been able to think through complex content and develop their own ideas and wonderings.

Again in our assembly this week, developed and run by the Blue Hats in Grade 5, we are able to see how another leadership team in the Lower School, the Student Council, have worked hard to provide an afternoon of entertainment and also raise over 600 Euros for the ISL charities. This is no mean feat and one that these young people are acutely aware of the effort, at all fronts, in order for this to happen.

The Teaching Assistants were able to take advantage of some professional development with Carol Archer from the UK on Movement into Learning. Thanks too to all the parents who attended our workshop last week. I hope that some of the ideas and play activities will help you support your child’s enjoyment and access to the school learning environment.

The story of the 1001 Nights in the form of Scheherazade, The Musical, could not have been more riveting, moving and incredibly funny all in one. The Grade 5 team of students and children really came together for a stellar performance under the leadership of Felicity Bryson. We have such great talent that has taken students who study movement and theatre to the stage in Luxembourg and beyond. Musicals and concerts, song and dance are activities that support all areas of a child’s development but are also of intrinsic value supporting students in all facets of their education at ISL.

Coordinated dance and another spin on the Continental Drift, brought the whole Lower School to its feet as Grade 2 led us into moving as one group to music. Over the holidays, if you need some morning exercise to get you going, try the Grade 2 dance routine they have been working on. We joined children and adults all around the world in this coordinated routine.

In an age of accountability, data, test scores and an ever-growing demand for us to compare ourselves to others it is important to recognise that we are also concerned that we provide opportunities for us to more clearly understand what your child’s individual needs are in some core academic areas. MAP® data from the assessments completed by a trial cohort for the second time this year has given us many opportunities to dig deeper into what we need to do, in order to move your children individually to greater challenges. Next year we will be running MAP assessments in September and January for all students Grades 2-5.

I hope you all have a wonderful spring break and enjoy many great times with your children. If you are staying in Luxembourg, do check out the City Mag for April. There are many things to do in and around Luxembourg. The countryside is in bloom and many of the local farms are busily preparing for the summer. I hope you enjoy the break.

Kind regards,

Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal