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From the Director
From the Director

Dear Parent

Part of our School’s Guiding Statements is to provide a caring and safe environment in which our students can learn and enjoy the different learning activities offered. As part of our ongoing student wellbeing initiative, we actively encourage and support our students in developing healthy and well balanced lifestyles through sport, the Arts and many other outdoor education opportunities. We promote healthy eating through our cafeteria programme and student participation on the Food Committee. At the same time, it is very important that we raise awareness about the challenges and dangers that students may also encounter, some of which we have discussed together in our Parent Seminars in recent years. One of those ever-present challenges includes the ready availability of illegal drugs in Luxembourg and it is essential that all members of the ISL Community are aware of this, students, parents and staff.

This week, the Leadership Team met with members of the Luxembourg Police Drugs department to discuss current recommendations they have about how best to inform and protect our students. They explained that drug abuse is now a common issue throughout schools in Luxembourg. They emphasised the importance of drug prevention education programmes in all schools. The Team will also assist the School in developing an Action Plan which helps students understand causes and consequences of illegal drug taking.  

Our health classes in the Upper School already include sessions on drug prevention and as parents it is very important that we keep ourselves informed. We will continue to update our teaching and support staff further in this area. On May 02, you are warmly invited to attend a Parent Seminar at 18.45 in the Upper School auditorium where experts and professionals from the Luxembourg community, including the police, will present information to parents about substance use. As part of our drive to heighten student awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, we will also be inviting several organisations to visit ISL to work with students, including Freedom from Chemical Dependency Group (FCD) who have visited ISL in previous years and one of several local organisations in Luxembourg with whom our counsellors already have contacts.

In talking to our children, it is also important to remind everyone that the School believes that the use of illegal drugs presents grave dangers to the individual and to the school community. It is prohibited that a student be in the possession of, under the influence of, or in any way involved in the traffic or usage of illegal drugs while on the school premises, or off campus during the normal school day, or at any school-sponsored activity. If a student breaks this regulation, he or she may expect to be expelled.

It is so important that we talk to our children and keep talking to them both in and out of class about these dangers and I appreciate your continued support in our partnership to help our students make healthy lifelong choices.

Nicki Crush