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Call for ISL Board candidates
Call for ISL Board candidates

Call for ISL Board candidates
Dear members of the ISL Association,
The Board is seeking for Parent Candidates for the June elections. If you are interested in joining the Board we invite you to contact us by email at ideally by end of March. We intend to organize ‘Meet and Greets’ between candidates and the Board in April. The objective of this initiative is to make good use of the time before the elections to exchange on your interests and answer your questions so that if you are elected you can start contributing right away. There will be a Board retreat on 16/17 June in which newly elected Board members will of course be included.
The board is also seeking for Community Candidates. We would like to involve you in the process and give you the opportunity to suggest candidates from your network that match the search criteria we have defined:

·        A Luxembourgish lawyer (preferably with human resources / labour law background)
·        A profile with insight/connection into government activities (ideally finance or education)
·        A profile with know-how / connections related to communication, PR, marketing and press
·        A profile with experience / know-how in negotiation with trade unions (preferably in school/education environments)

All suggestions will be analysed by the Board and if your candidate is retained we will invite you to present him to the Board. Candidates will then be nominated by the Board and submitted for election to the members of the Association.
To express interest or make any proposals, please contact the Board Secretary, Maaret Davey at
With best regards,
The Board of Governors