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From the Director
From the Director

Dear Parents

This has been a week of high activity at school with much to celebrate as our students have been involved in so many different events. The weekend saw our swimmers play host to over three hundred fellow participants as the NECIS Swim Meet took place at the Campus swimming pool. Saturday evening was the finale of the AMIS Honor Band, Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra with more than 200 musicians playing magnificently together at the Conservatoire, having rehearsed together at ISL for the previous three days. Middle School students were also representing ISL at a Model United Nations weekend in Paris and High School students participated in an ISMTF Mathematics competition in Vienna.

On Tuesday evening, our Lower School Eagles Choir opened the Diversity Charter Ceremony hosted by ISL in the Lower School Auditorium with two beautifully rendered songs which set the tone for the evening. ISL graduate, Ethan Schrieberg (2009) spoke to the auditorium about the challenges of beginning work as a ‘millennial’ and the need for intergenerational understanding and support in the workplace.

At the same time, the cast of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ had its first night in the Upper School. Next week Grade 5 will also take to the stage and we are so appreciative of all the help that parents provide behind the scenes with costumes, sets, and make-up.

Thursday saw the opening of the Global Issues Network conference at the Chambre de Commerce on the Kirchberg, once again hosted by ISL and generously supported by the Banque de Luxembourg where two hundred students have come together for the weekend to share ideas about facilitating sustainable change through education and integration.

There is so much to celebrate in just one week with our students engaged in such diverse activities and events. I would like to thank sincerely all the very many teachers and parents who have given their time to organise and support all these events in the last few days and this is just a snapshot of a week in the life of ISL.

Students involved, students engaged, accepting challenges, being curious, caring about others and having fun.

Thank you for being there for our students.

Nicki Crush