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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Parents,

This is a very busy time of year for us all, with ISL life full to overflowing. Last weekend the NECIS swim meet once again took place with over 300 swimmers plowing up and down the pool in a spirit of true competition, but also great camaraderie. Then on Saturday evening an event of a very different nature took place at the Conservatoire. The culminating concert of the AMIS Honour Band and Orchestra festival brought together extremely talented students from around the world and was a real treat to the ears. A huge thank you to all those in the community who supported these events!

Please be reminded that the Upper School Trimester 3 reports will be released via INSIS on Friday 24th March and that the ‘3 Way Conferences’ will be held on Wednesday 5th April and Thursday 6th April. These conferences are a vital part of our communication process and are designed to build the strong triangle (Parent/Teacher/Student) that is so vital to the learning process. Francine Philips from the High School office will notify you once the reports have been released and has already opened the sign-up system for the 3 Way Conferences. I hope to see you at some point over the two day process.

Kind regards,

Mike Hitchman