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From the Lower School Principal
From the Lower School Principal

Dear Parents,

It looks like Spring approaches and the daffodils, crocuses and buds are beginning to show around the school. With the change in season, colds, flu, lice and all sorts of allergies appear in abundance. In school there are also great changes; a wonderful book sale, the PTO decorations in the atrium, the AMIS Music festival with bands and orchestras from around the globe, the NECIS swim meet and the British Ambassador Marshall’s visit to talk about his epic run around the borders of Luxembourg. These are just a few of the highlights this week.

A very important event, however, takes place next week. The student-led conferences. This is a time for our students to showcase their work, talk to you about the processes they have been involved in, their challenges and their successes. I hope you will dig deeper, use some of the thinking routines we have been exploring with students to help them uncover and unpack their learning. You too can try out one of the routines to help you engage in meaningful conversations about your child’s learning. For example; “I used to think … and now, looking at your work, talking to you, seeing what your challenges are, I now think …” We hope that you will discover, rather than look for, learning you think should be there but may not be apparent to you. This causes disappointment and frustration instead of celebration and goal setting.

Last weekend I was invited to a symposium at the University of Exeter to discuss the topic of “Decolonizing Teacher Education” which may conjure up all sorts of question marks for you. It certainly did for me! I sincerely wish that the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious and life experiences you all bring to ISL will create greater understanding of the diversity and challenges this presents to an international school. We want to honour, accept, embrace and learn from each other and our differences but also be cautious of imposing on our school a culture that does not foster mutual dialogue, common agreements, and future endeavours.

You are all welcome to join us in celebrating Diversity in Luxembourg as ISL hosts an evening in which the Minister of Family and Integration, Madame Corinne Cahen as patron, will lead the event. This is the 7th Year in which members of the Luxembourg community will sign the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter. The event is hosted at ISL, in the Lower School Auditorium on 21 March at 17:30-19:00, followed by a cocktail. The theme is “Keeping up with the Millennials: How to manage age diversity within the workplace” and will be conducted in English. You are all invited to attend if you sign up in advance, online. It takes only 2 minutes to do so. For sign up please click here.

A short video can be found here to explain the charter.

Last Year we were honoured to be invited to sign the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter in its 6th Year. See photograph below.


Kind regards,

Patricia Angoy
Lower School Principal